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High energy efficiency at high capacity...
Capacity (Product) kg/hour lbs/hour
Salted Sunflower Seeds 1500-2000 kg/hour 3306-4408 lbs
Salted Peanuts 2100-2800 kg/hour 4628,4-46171,2 lbs
Peanut in Shell 675-900 kg/hour 1487,7-1983,6 lbs
Salted Chickpeas 2250-3000 kg/hour 4959-6612 lbs
Almonds 2250-3000 kg/hour 4959-6612 lbs
Cashew Nuts 2250-3000 kg/hour 4959-6612 lbs
Hazelnuts 3750-5000 kg/hour 8265-11020 lbs
Pistachio 2250-3000 kg/hour 4959-6612 lbs
Salted Pumpkin 1500-2000 kg/hour 3306-4408 lbs

Technical Specifications
Total Electric Power 50,00 kW
Maximum Thermal Power 640 kW
Average Gas Consumption 36-72 Nm³/h
Average LPG Consumption 28-60 kg/h
Average Diesel Consumption 36-53,6 lt/h
SVL2000 Roasting and Drying oven is a professional nuts roasting oven. It has dry airflow roasting systems. They can roasts all kinds of nuts and seeds such as sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, cashew, pumpkin seeds, macadamia, brazillia, pecan, pallets and more. Also it can dry any kind of nuts, vegetables and fruits. Roaster can be direct heating or indirect heating. We can adjust drying oven according to your product. Inlet and outlet moisture % and temprature needed to know to dry your product.