Single Belt Nuts Roasting Machines
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Capacity (Product) kg/hour lbs/hour
Salted Sunflower Seeds 300-450 kg/hour 660-990 lbs
Salted Peanuts 485-650 kg/hour 1070-1430 lbs
Peanut in Shell 225-300 kg/hour 495-660 lbs
Salted Chickpeas 485-650 kg/hour 650-485 lbs
Almonds 485-650 kg/hour 1070-1430 lbs
Hazelnuts 565-750 kg/hour 1240-1650 lbs
Pumpkin Seeds 300-400 kg/hour 660-880 lbs
Pistachio 485-650 kg/hour 1070-1430 lbs

Technical Specifications
Total Electric Power 13,5 kW
Maximum Thermal Power 160 kW
Average Gas Consumption 9-18 Nm³/h
Average LPG Consumption 7-15 kg/h
Average Diesel Consumption 9-13,4 lt/h
SVL series nut roasting ovens is a professional nuts roasting ovens. It has dry airflow roasting systems. They can roast all kinds of nuts and seeds such as sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, cashew, pumpkin seeds, macadamia, brazillia, pecan, pallets and more